Though we have long fought the introduction of fracking across the UK, now there is a plan for a conventional oil well on the edge of the village of Athelhampton, just east of Puddletown.

The development starts with a test drill, and if successful, the well could be pumping for 25 years.

The Government is in the process of bringing forth a new environment bill and introduce a white paper examining what changes need to be made. As this government has changed from giving its full backing to fracking to declaring a climate emergency, there should be significantly altered guidance.

A Nissan Leaf powered by solar PV…..

Further, Dorset Council is in the midst of writing an action plan to enable its own declaration of climate emergency. WD FoE argue that any fossil fuel development now is counter the Paris agreement and unnecessary. Certainly the council should not approve any fossil fuel energy development until its own plan and the views of the Government are clearly understood.