the Great Big Green Week 2021

Stand up for our Climate!

The Great Big Green Week has ended but its spirit and messages continue, after Bridport people enthusiastically came together to celebrate, consult and discuss ways to protect our precious planet. Well over 500 people took part in 15 different events:  from debating green ethics to trying out an electric bike, from listening to Shakespeare, to examining new sites for tree planting, to singing in Borough Gardens.  At the heart of it all was Bridport’s proclamation, a prayer for Glasgow and all delegates at COP26, read out at the opening ceremony by Bridport’s mayor, Ian Bark.

We hope that the proclamation, along with the active spirit of the week, will inspire all of our community to join the national upswell of concern for the planet.  And that this will lead to a successful outcome for the November summit.

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Clockwise from left: a 7ft square tree covered in leaf comments for Dorset Councillors, Mayor Ian Bark at the Opening Gallery, a meeting on Practical Local Climate Change Responses, a visit to Bridport Co-housing, and viewing the landscape at the Hyde for possible tree planting.

List of the Week’s events