COP 26: initial summary

Here is a useful summary from Chris Venables of the Green Alliance.

If we are honest, short of a miracle COP 26 was very likely to be a disappointment. Paris pulled off something very close to a miracle 6 years ago and there were high hopes. The host nation was distracted by Brexit, Covid and the mercurial nature of our prime minister. The negotiators, led by Alok Sharma, did their best, and those of us around the UK contributed to a sense of the importance and the possibilities that the conference provided.

But in the end the world is locked into ways of living and producing energy that will resist change. Mechanisms were agreed upon do provide a means to rachet up the speed of countries transitions and there is work to be done now to see this happens. To the island countries and those suffering extreme drought COP 26 has not provided much hope.

Every week is climate week

What WD FoE got up for COP 26:

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