Details for November 6th

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The ride is for experienced road cyclists.  We will be riding in a group riding as if we were in a vehicle: giving way to pedestrians, no under or overtaking. Our speed is unlikely to exceed 10 mph. All riders should wear helmets, reflective clothing (we will have some high vis vests) and carry a bike lock (for afterwards in the Orchard).  All riders will be covered for public liability through Friends of the Earth, but will gain injury and property damage if they join the Local group (at no cost). We are asking riders to wear a mask (bring your own, we will provide some) , used to demonstrate polluted air not covid (exceptions allowed).

COVID: Because the vast majority of us will be wearing masks, we should not present much chance of infection during the ride. However, participants are asked to pay attention to distancing at the start (in the car park) and at the conclusion in the Orchard. If the numbers of cyclists are larger than expected we would advise keeping your mask on at the finish (except when eating or drinking). If you are wearing a paper mask, please dispose of it at home. Sanitiser will be available at the finish.

THE ROUTE: Start at the Football car park. We are likely to walk our bikes over the river and assemble on South st. Ride up South St, left on Gundry Lane and wiggle up to West Street, through the lights to East St., ride to the bike crossing into Askers Meadow (stop and wait and cross safely).  The 2nd lap will turn right off West St. down South St. and carry on to St Mary’s church and walk to the Orchard. We will probably regroup at the beginning of West St. and South St. (pull over and wait for trailing bikes).  Crossing into Askers meadow and crossing South St. for the start of the 2nd leg are not straightforward. Please listen out for instructions from the stewards. Their will not be any portable toilets, only public toilets.

TIMING. Meet at 11:00am at the car park. Those who are planning to only pin a sign to their vest or tape it to their bike rack can arrive at 11:15. We will set off having gathered on South St. at 11:45. The ride will be cautious and is likely to be very slow going up West St. We hope to finish by 12:30 and assemble at the Orchard (see below).

SIGNAGE: We will provide a number of signs for riders to attach to provided willow sticks. Mostly A4s saying “Stand up for Our Climate”, plus a few A3s.   We may have painted a few other options such as: Carbon Free Journeys or COP 26.  We will need time to sign in riders and get the signs taped and clamped on to the bikes. We will provide willow sticks, gaffer tape, stiff cardboard (A4) and some spring clamps.  We would urge participants to bring 2 large spring clamps of their own (see pic below). Other signage solutions are welcome.

STEWARDS: There will be a number of “stewards” or organisers participating. We will have two at the lead of the ride (the trimshaw is no longer a part) and two at the rear. If unexpected changes are required they will relay this to the riders. Please find them if you have questions or a problem.

LEAFLETERS required:  We will try to leaflet the shops on the route on Friday (just leave an A5 flyer) and leaflet during the ride. We hope to have a bike covered in signs near Buckydoo Sq and two leafleters.  
We hope to have between 25 and 50 cyclists.   Whoever signs up to ride may be photographed and the images will be used for the local media. By signing up you give your approval for the photographs to be used in this manner

AFTERWARDS: We finish the ride at the community orchard, where we will have a chance to have a chat, hopefully warmed up by some hot soups and other refreshment (you may want to have a refillable cup in anticipation). Please do not lean your bicycle against the fruit trees! Also remember to return any borrowed clamps or sticks to the organisers either at the car park later or at the orchard if you are not riding back to the car park.