Continuing Campaigns

West Dorset FoE supports Bridport Tree Planting, Plastic Free Bridport, as well as supporting renewable energy.

Tree Planting is both a local and national campaign. Friends of the Earth is attempting to Double tree cover in the UK. In West Dorset we have become partners with Bridport Tree Planting to encourage and participate in the planning, the planting and the maintenance of young native trees.

Ben Bradshaw reducing plastic pollution….

Reducing Plastic pollution has been a FoE national goal. In order to achieve that in Bridport we have joined in with Plastic Free Bridport to reduce single use plastic in the area. Bridport has now achieved “plastic free status” which means a number of businesses and organisations have replaced some of their plastic with alternative items.

A Climate and Environment Emergency has been declared in both Dorset and Bridport by their respective councils. Dorset and Bridport have completed action plans. Our groups’ task (along with others like Dorset CAN) is to monitor, comment and supply pressure where necessary.