More Trees Please

Friends of the Earth calls for doubling of tree cover.

Trees play an incredible role in combating climate chaos by removing planet-wrecking emissions from the air around us. Despite their importance, just 13% of the UK’s total land area has tree cover (compared to an EU average of 35%). We believe one of the best solutions to protect our environment and achieve net zero emissions (removing as many emissions as we produce) is to double UK forest, but government targets currently fall well short.

We need system change to double tree cover as part of the fight against climate breakdown. But we also need communities to take practical action, including tree planting.

Crab Apple, birch and willow planted in Askers meadow, Bridport.

Bridport Tree Planting

Started in the fall of last year Bridport Tree Planting has partnered WD FoE to plant trees in the area. Our aim is to encourage and help people plant trees: to reinvigorate our climate and wildlife.

We can provide trees at low cost or no cost in small numbers to the community of and around Bridport. We can provide assistance with planting and procurement, with advice.

We are cooperating with other planting groups, nurseries and tree management experts, and have just erected a community nursery for saplings at Riverside Gardens

Any one with small trees to donate? Our with spaces for planting? Contact Joe on

March 14th: Our opening event was held at Bridport Unitary Church managing to give away free trees, free cake and have instruction about tree planting and then process down (through the mud) to Asker’s meadows to plant 30 trees. This was mainly done by the younger members of families. Now we move onto sorting our nursery and assisting the Town Council in creating a map for planting.

Processing down to Askers meadow

Resources: Policy and documents to double tree cover.

Download here