Plastic Free Bridport

Plastic free communities is a campaign to rid Bridport of as much single-use plastic as possible. Run by Surfers Against Sewage, it provides a set of instructions for a town to attain “plastic free” status. On August 11th Bridport achieved this having recruited 18 businesses to join in and 32 community allies.

Our 18 Business Champions have removed at least three different plastic items from their normal practice. Together with our allies they help raise awareness of the massive environmental and health problems emanating from plastic pollution.


Our next scheduled event is our autumn “Street to Sea” litter clean May 19, 2024, which will clean the streets of Bridport, the riversides of the Brit and the beaches of West Bay. If you want to sign up get in touch with our Mayor on


Plastic Pollution: a general description

Plastic pollution is any plastic that ends up in the environment – from bottles and bags to less obvious sources like teabags and clothes. 

In the past 100 years humans have produced (and used) a lot of plastic. It’s cheap, strong, light and versatile, but all of it eventually ends up in the ground, in the air , and in the sea – which is where marine animals like albatross, dolphins and turtles ingest it.

Our plastic waste has invaded the highest mountains and deepest oceans. No one knows exactly how long it will take to disappear, but it’s at least hundreds of years. Plastic breaks down, not to disappear, but often to be ingested by the smallest of creatures. Human beings now ingest thousands of plastic particles a year from drinking water, the air and from our food chain.

Friends of the Earth wants to create a plastic pollution action plan, to examine all the impacts of this useful but potentially deadly material.