One of the Dorset cabinet members recently expressed the view that the Council will have to support the proposed Athelhampton development as dictated by the National Policy Planning Framework.

However,  This application will likely not progress any further for some months . It has not yet been voted on in Committee, nor has it been voted on at the full Council. The applicant has been asked for more information and this will take time. Puddletown Parish objected to the development, but two councilors objected to this decision and thus have brought it before Dorset committee (then council).

In addition to this, the appellate court struck down Heathrow’s application for a 3rd runway on the basis of failure to consider the implications of the development in terms of climate, based on our signature in Paris in 2015. Suddenly this argument has legal standing and needs to be considered at all levels of government.

While the expected white paper derived from the new environment bill has been delayed, the expectation is that the development of renewable energy will be granted higher priority than fossil fuel plans.  At this point we can’t say for certain, but there is strong argument towards waiting until the white paper is released before approving a new oil well that could be operating for 25 years or denying a new wind turbine proposal.