Politics & Elections–National/Council

Dorset County Council.

May the 2nd 2024 elections

In 2020 Dorset Council declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency. Since then they have been collecting information in order to build an action plan to hinder the advance of climate change and mitigate the negative impacts. View here.

Bridport Town Council

Bridport Town Council also declared a Climate and Environmental emergency and sketched out their action plan. We have attached the plan here. View here

Listed Buildings & climate

The restrictions placed on listed buildings are in direct conflict with our ability to live in warm comfortable homes.  We have a letter which is being signed by the public before it is sent to Dorset Council. Our next signing will be in Bridport (Buckydoo) on Sat November 18th. The full letter can be read here.

National FoE campaigns

Friends of the Earth is campaigning nationally on United for Warm homes. The goal is combat the current volatility of energy pricing and bring our current homes up to a standard where people can live in comfort. Here are the 3 goals:

WD FoE will also be gathering signatures supporting this campaign which will be sent to both councils. More details can be found here.