Meetings and Past Events

WD FoE will be holding an in person meeting in April or May. We will be aiming to further progress the ideas of a Great Big Green Week (which is out of synch with the national week: ours in September coinciding with no drive day), to formulate plans for a “Bridport Green Calendar” and to advertise for a social media person to enliven our presence on Facebook.

WD FoE meetings have been slightly erratic and we hope to rectify that this year. We intend to hold 3 in person meetings and 3 zoom meetings, plus intergroup meetings (with Sus Briport, the Town Council and others) If you want to be invited send an email and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Past Events

Cycle Event in Bridport Nov 6th 2021: In an attempt to support the deliberations in Glasgow around 60 cyclists took to their bikes and cycled through the town, displaying signs and ringing their bells. This good-natured event elicited applause and appreciation from Saturday shoppers. We had wondered whether having younger children involved was a good idea: their smiles and enthusiasm made the day.

Stand up for our Climate! on South Street.

The Great Big Green Week: part of a nation wide week of events to draw attention to the upcoming talks in Glasgow. West Dorset FoE held an opening gathering on the Saturday, with bands, speeches and sunshine. In fact sunshine (or at least dry weather) was our status throughout the week as other groups held events: Climate & Refugees, with Bridport Shakespeare company; meetings throughout the week on Local climate change responses, Green Ethics, Sustainable Living (workshop), two community singing events, a tour of Bridport co-housing, tours of exemplary Greener Homes, a preview of future tree planting sites in the town, and hands on e-cycling.

from left clockwise: A 7 foot high tree of suggestions to Dorset Councilors from the public, Bridport’s mayor at the open gathering, a well attended (but distanced) discussion of local responses to climate change, Bridport co-housing visit, and a visit to the Hyde where tree planting is expecting this winter.
An individual response to a campaign run by Biofuel Watch

Street to Sea: in conjunction with Plastic Free Bridport, WD FoE participated in the Mayor’s “Street to Sea” litter sweep of Bridport. Sea scouts cleaned the river, West Bay cleaned it’s beaches and Bridport residents cleaned much of the town on May 31, 2021. A second clear up on October 17th paved the way for this to become a biannual affair. Unsurprisingly, much of rubbish was plastic.

The Mayor and Town Crier
Collection at West Bay Discovery Centre
Sea Scouts patrol the river
WDEA meeting with Chris Loder (August 21)