Poems & quotes

The Climate Coalition (national sponsors of the GBGW) have devised for 2023 a “Letters to Tomorrow” campaign: https://www.letterstotomorrow.com/. Join in. We are likely to display local letters at our stalls during the week.

WD FoE and our Mayor, Ian Bark, invite you to (for 2022 green week)

Share a message for the future

This event has the potential to carry on as long as people submit poems or quoted poems or prose. They will find their way into our website, on a bulletin board or on our facebook page.

Write a poem, share your favourite quote, draw (share) a cartoon. Tell us your hopes, your worries, your anger or determination.

These will be displayed at the opening gathering on the Wall of Words at the FoE stall and randomly about Bridport.

Wall of Words at Opening Gathering

Open to all ages: handwritten, typed, emailed, signed or anonymous. Please keep it fairly short and from the heart. Send to info@westdorsetfriendsoftheearth.org.uk

Some local samples: